Extractions in Taylor, MI

Our goal at My Family Dental Taylor is to help every patient retain their natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there may be reasons that our dentist recommends a tooth extraction. Some reasons include making room for orthodontic treatment, extraction of wisdom teeth, or removing a tooth that can no longer be strengthened with a filling or crown.

When you visit our dentist’s office for tooth extraction in Taylor, MI, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every effort will help you keep your tooth rather than extract it.

Types of Extractions

There are two types of dental extractions – a simple tooth extraction and a surgical tooth extraction. We use the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure that your procedure is performed as quickly and pain-free as possible in either tooth extraction procedure.

When you visit our dentistry for a wisdom tooth extraction consultation, we’ll evaluate your affected tooth to determine if a tooth extraction is the right dental option for you and your smile. If there is a way to save your tooth from being pulled, our dentist will also provide you with those options!

If you visit us for simple tooth extraction, you’ll discover that most patients can return to their normal activities afterward. Recovery from surgical extractions will require more time, but our dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions to expedite your recovery.

Important Post-Extraction Considerations

Ask us about dental implants or dental bridges to replace the gap that will be left in your smile from your extracted tooth. It’s important to replace an extracted tooth from an aesthetic and a functional perspective. Gaps between teeth can lead to conditions in the future as your teeth shift to fill the area, but an implant or bridge will prevent shifting.

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