Exams And Cleanings in Taylor, MI

As a leading multi-specialty dentist, we provide a broad suite of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. This range of services includes exams and cleanings as an important part of preventive dental care.

What To Expect During Your Exam

Our dentist is committed to providing comprehensive gentle dental care to every patient. Your comfort will be our top priority when visiting us. Whether you’re in our office for a dental examination or any other top-tier services we provide, you’ll notice that gentle dentistry is always present.

We use modern techniques and equipment to ensure that your exam is as comfortable as possible while being as thorough as possible. When you visit My Family Dental Taylor for a dental exam, you’ll be provided with focused one-on-one care to diagnose conditions you are experiencing or develop a treatment plan to protect against conditions in the future. For example, a small cavity detected during an exam and cleaning in Taylor, MI, is always easier to correct than a larger one.

Even if you’re not currently experiencing any dental concerns, we invite you to make an appointment for a dental exam to ensure that your oral health is in tip-top shape against future concerns such as gum disease, enamel erosion, cavities, and more.

What To Expect During Your Cleaning

Just as we’re committed to providing gentle dentistry during oral exams, we remain committed to compassionate and friendly care during mouth cleaning appointments. For example, the advanced technology and equipment used during exams are matched by the advanced technology and tools we use during your cleaning appointment.

Suppose you’re experiencing bleeding gums at home when you brush and floss. Your body is telling you that it’s time for a professional cleaning from My Family Dental Taylor to remove build-up that can only be treated through professional care. Today, please make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to schedule an exam and cleaning in Taylor, MI!

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