Veneers in Taylor, MI

Tooth veneers are one of the fastest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Often considered the workhorses in cosmetic dentistry, veneers from our dentist can correct many smile imperfections. Some of the most common benefits include their natural appearance and durability. Many patients who don’t want to wear a dental aligner for several months to correct their teeth’ alignment love a straighter smile with dental veneers from our dentistry.

More Benefits of Veneers

In addition to correcting the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth, our dentist uses veneers to improve teeth that are chipped, stained, misshapen, or resistant to professional teeth whitening treatment. If you are concerned about your smile’s appearance, there’s a good chance that dental veneers can correct it!

When you visit My Family Dental Taylor for your veneer consultation, we’ll first need to examine your teeth to ensure health. Since we’ll be placing the porcelain veneers over your teeth’s surface, there cannot be any underlying decay that could worsen once covered. We want to give you a smile makeover that is not only beautiful but also healthy.

We’ll also design a treatment plan that makes the senofur short-term and long-term goals. For example, composite veneers last five to seven years, whereas porcelain veneers can last up to 15 years. In addition to the differences in durability, there are cost differences. Still, our dental care team will provide side-by-side comparisons of each type, so you’ll have the information needed to select the best suited for your goals.

Multi-Specialty Dentistry

As a multi-specialty dentist 48180, My Family Dental Taylor has the experience and skill to provide a range of procedures for your smile makeover goals. We invite you to take the first step today and use our convenient online booking tool to learn more about dental veneers in Taylor, MI, or any general, cosmetic, and family dentistry services. Or give us a call to schedule your appointment or answer any additional questions.

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