Off-The-Shelf or Professional Teeth Whitening: Which Is Better?

Off-The-Shelf or Professional Teeth Whitening: Which Is Better?

August 2, 2021

The overwhelming demand for teeth whitening now makes available many teeth whitening products over the counter at affordable prices, making you wonder whether teeth whitening near you is worth the expense. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products except whitening toothpaste are cumbersome to use and are likely to frustrate you at the speed at which they deliver any results.

Products like teeth whitening strips are effective on the front six teeth and are an excellent alternative if you have dental crowns on the back teeth. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the American obsession with teeth cleaning as dental offices currently offer limited services. With the CDC removing restrictions for people vaccinated against the virus from masks, products like teeth whitening deodorants fly off the shelf. Popular retailers are reporting more robust sales for the spring quarter for beauty and travel products.

If you are concerned with your discolored teeth, you can consider visiting the best teeth whitening dentist if you want to see instant results. Teeth whitening treatments by dentists are performed under controlled conditions, and the whitening delivers better results. Now that you have various choices before you, which one would you consider best for your teeth?

Over-The-Counter Vs. Professional Teeth Cleanings

The primary difference between over-the-counter vs. cleanings from the teeth whitening service near you is undoubtedly the price. Dentists charge $ 650 for the cleaning, while over-the-counter products are below $ 100 for a kit. Nevertheless, the price is tempting enough to encourage you to try over-the-counter varieties without considering whether the results are reliable.

Over-the-counter products are created by manufacturers for everyone and are not personalized for the variety of discoloration affecting your teeth. In addition, the chemistry of the whitening products available on the market is either weak, or they cannot bleach teeth. At the same time, some products have more potent concentrations of bleaching ingredients, making them challenging to use unless supervised by a dental professional.

Whitening strips are perhaps the safest you can try on your front teeth. However, if your teeth are crooked or misaligned, you may not witness the best results. Therefore, everyone must consider whether they want to invest money in products that don’t deliver effective results or get help from a professional providing faster results safely.

Difference between Over-The-Counter and Professional Teeth Cleanings

When you visit the family dentistry near you for teeth whitening, you seek the services of a qualified dental professional who understands your needs and creates a personalized treatment plan explicitly for you.

The plan created by the dentist considers the type of discoloration affecting you, your current oral health, and any restorations currently in your mouth. For example, if you have infections like gum disease and tooth decay, the dentist does not proceed with your teeth whitening treatment because it can make your teeth prone to sensitivity.

Dentists explain that restorations on your teeth will not change color even after whitening treatments, which only target your natural teeth. Before teeth whitening treatment, the dentist gives you a prophylactic cleaning to ensure your teeth have not discolored because of plaque buildup or improper oral hygiene.

You can begin the teeth whitening procedure after the dental professional is convinced your oral health can withstand the treatment. Dentists use highly concentrated whitening ingredients to bleach your teeth. The bleaching ingredients remain on your teeth for about an hour, accompanied by ultraviolet light to fasten the process. At the end of the hour, your teeth would have changed color by a few shades than the current shade.

You may have to revisit the dentist for another appointment if you are dissatisfied with the results. Alternatively, you can consider requesting at-home whitening trays from the dentist explicitly customized for your mouth. Dentists provide the trays and whitening gel with instructions on how and when to use them to maintain your teeth whitening results.

Whitening your teeth from the dentist or using the over-the-counter product does not prove beneficial unless you limit pigmented foods and beverages and change lifestyle habits like smoking that continuously stain your teeth. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is also a requirement you cannot overlook. The obsession with cleanliness may push you towards seeking any option to get whiter and brighter teeth. However, get the treatments you need from a dental professional who understands dentistry and your requirements instead of investing in over-the-counter products.

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