Emergency Dentistry Services When Ignored Lead To Significant Pain And Expenditure

Emergency Dentistry Services When Ignored Lead To Significant Pain And Expenditure

April 1, 2021

Injuries to the teeth and gums are potentially dangerous and should never be ignored. When you ignore a dental problem, you increase the risk of permanent damage besides the need for extensive treatment at high prices later on. Understanding dental emergencies is always a challenge. However, if you try to understand them, you will find it relatively easy to know when you must seek help from a 24-hour emergency dentist or when you can wait until daytime to see your regular dentist.

All dentists in your locality provide emergency dental care whenever it is required soon as you visit them. Dentists set aside time from their hectic schedules to ensure they alleviate your discomfort and perhaps even save your tooth. Your fear of the dentist mustn’t scare you from visiting the emergency dentist near you whenever you or your family member confronts any dental emergency. You will find it helpful to see any facility offering emergency dental services at odd hours of the day or evening’s when your regular dentist is off duty, and you need help from a dental professional.

What Must You Do When Confronting A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can occur in different forms, requiring you to act differently because the one size fits all theory doesn’t apply to these problems. This blog provides some examples of what you must do when you confront a dental emergency:

Chipped or Broken Teeth

First of all, save any pieces of the teeth you can find. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a bit of gauze to the site to control bleeding (if any). Use a cold compress on your cheeks if you notice swelling. See the emergency dentist as soon as possible for treatment, especially if you have a severe fracture extending to the tooth’s root.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Retrieve the knocked-out tooth holding it by the Crown and rinse it off if it is dirty. Do not scrub the roots because you may permanently damage the tooth. Try to place it back into its socket, but if you cannot, put the tooth in a tiny container of milk and get to any facility offering emergency dental service within 30 minutes. The chances of preserving the tooth by reinserting it into its socket are higher when you meet the dentist within the timeline specified. Any delays will get you another tooth but of the artificial variety at high expenditure.

Lost Crown

Dental crowns can fall off, making it necessary for you to schedule an appointment with your dentist with the Crown. Dental crowns falling off is not a dental emergency, although treatment is required for the condition as soon as possible. You can try to slip the Crown over the tooth using denture adhesive or over-the-counter dental cement. However, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible because the Crown would have fallen off from a decayed or extensively damaged tooth. Leaving the issue untreated not merely affects your smile but also your dental health.

Dental emergencies don’t just affect adults and are more popular with children who are forever getting into trouble when playing or even when they have dental braces for orthodontic issues. Your kid may report:

Broken Wires or Braces

If your kid’s braces have broken wires sticking out of a bracket and poking into their cheeks, tongue, or gums, you can try to push the wire into a comfortable position using a pencil eraser. If you are not successful, you can try covering the end with orthodontic wax. You may think the kid’s orthodontist is not available at odd hours and believe you must wait until working hours to have the problem repaired. However, all dentists receive some training in orthodontics. If your kid is uncomfortable with the braces, you can always call the emergency dentist nearby for happily provided help.

Kids and adults alike are prone to dental infections resulting from tooth decay and untreated cavities. You may notice a dental abscess, a potentially life-threatening condition near the roots of your tooth. Dental abscesses require prompt attention from dentists, either regular or emergency. The bacteria from the infection spreads to your body after entering your bloodstream, causing multiple health issues. Getting the problem treated as soon as possible from emergency dentistry is any day better than leaving it untreated and preparing yourself for having the tooth extracted besides confronting many other medical problems. In such cases, you must visit emergency dentistry for treatment if your regular dentist isn’t available or cannot accommodate an emergency appointment for you.

Why should you ignore dental problems when emergency dental services are readily available from all dentists? This blog clarifies how to manage dental emergencies until you can get to the emergency dentist. Please use the tips to avoid significant pain and expenditure by having all dental issues treated promptly.

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